Pangangan Island, the Friendliest Island in the Visayas

Pangangan Island is connected to Bohol with the longest man-made causeway of the Philippines (marked RED on the map above). This makes it very convenient to travel to the island because you don’t need a boat to get there, you just drive there.

From Manilla:

From Manilla you will fly to Tagbilaran, the Capital of Bohol. From Panglao International airport it is a 1 1/2 – 4 hour drive to our resort, depending on the kind of transport you choose*.

From Cebu

From Cebu you want to take a ferry to Tubigon. There are some different companies who provide ferry transfer to Tubigon but we advise to use StarCraft or Fast Cat.
When you walk out of the airport go to your right and walk along the airport building. Next to the building you will find the taxis who can bring you to Pier 3 where the ferries leave. You best ignore all the people who come to you with private transport offers, the taxis are metered and just as comfortable.
Ask the driver to buy your tickets… you need to buy them before you go to the terminal and the “ticket offices” are pretty hard to find, They are mainly just a hole in a wall.

When you arrive in Tubigon it is a 20 minutes – 1 hour drive to the resort on Pangangan Island, depending on the kind of transport you choose*.

*Transport on Land

To travel from Panglao International Airport, Tagbilaran Port and from Tubigon Port to our resort on Pangangan Island you have several options.
Of course the easiest and most comfortable way is to let us organize the transfer for you. Our driver will be waiting for you with a luxurious air conditioned car or van and  and safely drives you to the resort.

If you choose to travel with public transport please read our recommendations below.


*Public Transport

Public transport options in the Philippines are: Minivan, Bus, Jeepney or Tricycle. Of course they have different prices, pro’s and con’s.
The white minivans probably the fastest but also the most dangerous option, they drive 90-110 kilometers an hour on roads you would want to drive 50-60 km/h and therefore regularly crash…therefore we don’t really want to recommend this way of transport to you.Travel time: from Panglao International Airport around 1 hour 45 minutes; from Tagbilaran port around 1 hour 20 minutes; from Tubigon 30-45 minutes.
A much safer option are the yellow buses. They go at a much safer speed but stop randomly to take new passengers in. Travel time: from Tagbilaran around 2 1/2 hours; from Tubigon around 1 hour.
If you are up to an adventure you can take a Jeepney. It will take a long time to reach your destination and you will have to change Jeepneys a few times but you experienced real Filipino transport! Travel time: from Tagbilaran around 4 hours; from Tubigon around 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Last option would be to take a tricycle. This is the least comfortable way of traveling when you are over 1.5 meter tall. Travel time: from Tagbilaran around 4 hours; from Tubigon around 1 hour. From Panglao International Airport you first need to take the Shuttle bus to Tagbilaran or (depending on your negotiation skills) take a taxi/minivan.