When in Bohol, Diving in Bohol should be #1 on your to-do list!

Who Are We?

Cabilao Diving a boutique dive center based within the grounds of Isla Hayahay Beach Resort & Restaurant. Situated on the picturesque island of Pangangan, Bohol, we enjoy beautiful year-round diving right in the heart of the Philippines. Thanks to our exquisite location, we dive on both Pangangan and Cabilao Islands, where a wealth of diverse marine life thrives.

What Makes Cabilao Diving So Special?

Cabilao ReefThe reefs around Cabilao and Pangangan Islands are still in excellent health, mainly because tourism is not yet booming on this side of Bohol, and also because guests coming to dive with Cabilao Diving are generally quite experienced. It is quite often that your dive group is the only one at any particular dive site, meaning our divers enjoy tranquil dives on uncrowded reefs.
Try-dives and course-dives are conducted on “low-damage risk” dive sites by all dive operators on Cabilao Island and the surrounding Islands. This helps to maintain the health of our reefs for all to enjoy.

There are more than 20 breathtaking and unique dive sites around Cabilao and Pangangan Islands. All dive spots here offer something for every experience and comfort level. From shallow reefs decorated by tropical fish and covered in colorful hard and soft corals for beginners, to deeper wall dives with dotted by enormous gorgonians and tiny macro species for advanced divers, there is more than enough to keep everyone entertained. In addition to a multitude of macro critters, including rare pygmy seahorses and plenty of nudibranch, we are blessed with the presence of friendly turtles and even eagle rays. If you’re lucky during your stay, you might be graced with a passing pelagic giant, such as the beloved, majestic whale shark!