In recent years the environment awareness became more and more important. We believe that it is important to raise the awareness of our guests and employees to help protecting of the environment by implementing various changes within our Resort.

It should be known that we started to reduce our environmental impact by refusing single use plastic; replacing plastic straws in our drinks with bamboo straws… this allows us to reduce our consumption of plastic in the long run and also gives a certain charm to our drinks. Plastic straws are a real burden for the environment. They usually end up in the ocean, creating a real danger for marine animals and a clear increase in global pollution.
Next to this we don’t use single use plastic bags for shopping purposes anymore and we are still searching for a replacement of the single use garbage bags we use in our rooms (any suggestions are very welcome!).
For “take-out” dishes in our restaurant we use paper packing materials and we also encourage our guests to bring their own containers to pack the dishes when they order “take-out”.
Usage of environmentally friendly cleaning products and LED light bulbs are already very common in our resort.

We try to remind our guests as much as possible about the use of water in the rooms and in the common areas. First of all, water is a precious resource, especially here on the island. It is therefore necessary to seriously consider using it as little as possible! We have displayed a variety of signs in bedrooms and bathrooms to warn our guests that usage of water should be minimized as much as possible. In addition, we recommend our customers to turn off the shower water while they are soaping to reduce their water consumption.

new bar

Regarding the materials used to make some buildings, including the Native Cottages, the Bar and the Souvenir Shop, we preferred wood, bamboo and palm leaves. These materials are biodegradable and bring a certain cachet to our buildings. It is wise to use this type of materials, which have many advantages. Indeed, bamboo is recyclable, renewable, multipurpose and very resistant. Secondly, wood is a very good thermal and sound insulation, durable and renewable and allows to make big energy savings. In addition, it is very resistant and ensures a certain longevity to our constructions. Finally the special palm leaves used for the roofing come from the Mangroves (Nippa) and are very easy to find in the Philippines, they are very low cost and are reducing the sounds of heavy rain.
We repainted the roofs of our rooms in white so that the sunlight reflects on them. This decreases the interior temperature of the rooms. A white roof therefore increases the level of comfort while reducing air conditioning costs. In addition, these paints are more resistant than average.

We are also aware that it is essential to reduce our energy consumption That’s why we started to replace the air conditioners in the rooms of the Resort by more efficient models (Digital Inverter) which less energy consuming.

Subsequently, we installed shampoo and shower gel dispensers in the bathrooms so as to no longer offer individual plastic bags, which are very polluting for the environment.

Finally to continue with the reduction of single use plastic we only offer (soft) drinks in glass bottles and in cans in the room mini bar. In addition, we plan to permanently stop providing bottled water by offering refillable Aluminum Tumblers for cost-price which are much more ecological.