eco friendly

We like to say “yes” but it depends on what you, our guests, consider an ECO Resort.

Let’s list everything that makes us believe Isla Hayahay Beach Resort & Restaurant is an ECO Resort:

  • All our employees are locals from Pangangan Island, the island the resort is located.
  • Most of the produce we use in the resort is sourced locally, on markets, from individuals and local grocery stores.
  • Many of the ingredients (and complete dishes) are homemade instead of factory produced.
  • We are re-using linens where we change the bed sheets once every 3 days and only wash towels when our guests deposit them on the floor (hanging the towels means they can be used for another day)
  • We collect rainwater, although the amount of water is not enough during extended periods of drought and we need to use water from the Municipality.
  • We are banning ALL single use plastic from the resort. We don’t provide bottled water (neither complementary or for sale) but we provide fresh, cool drinking water in a pitcher as soon as our guests checked in. Additional water is provided from a water dispenser in the restaurant and is free of charge.
  • We don’t use plastic straws but re-usable bamboo straws
  • We don’t sell anything that is wrapped in single use plastic packaging. Instead we offer homemade Crisps, Crackers and nuts in small bowls for a reasonable price. The complementary coffee, sugar, creamer and tea is provided in plastic containers that can be used for years (sometimes a bit messy but that’s all in the game…)
  • We grow as much herbs and veggies as we can ourselves, onsite and elsewhere.
  • All the light sources in the resort are LED bulbs and almost all air conditioners are Digital Inverter types that save almost 30% energy.
  • Whenever we are able to find it here in the Province, we use non-toxic cleaning materials. It is a start and we hope to source these products easier in the near future.

Further on we keep looking for ways to decrease our carbon footprint anywhere we can and improve our resort and our service. We hope if you have any suggestions or remarks you will tell us to help us, because we believe that traveling and exploration shouldn’t come at the expense of Mother Earth.