“because the surface of the ocean is the beginning of the sky”

The Island Hopping tour is the second most searched for activity, right after the Countryside Tour.

During the Island Hopping tour, which takes most of the day, you visit 2 islands, a sand bar and you will have a nice lunch (at additional costs) on the beach (when the tides allow it) or on the boat.

Start of the tour is from the resort where the boat will pick you up around 8:30am and you set sail to the first island of your Island Hopping tour.

island hopping
island hopping

You will visit a fisherman’s village on Mantatao Island. We couldn’t describe the experience you are about encounter better as one of our previous guests did:

“Mantatao Island; a small, unpretentious place whose livelihood is dependent on fishing. As is usual when wandering through seldom visited places, children were shy at first, hiding behind doorways and peering through glassless apertures that served as windows; but the longer I loitered on the narrow sandy streets, the more children tentatively approached me. After ten minutes I was surrounded by almost two dozen curious boys and girls and I felt like a modern Pied Piper of Hamlin when leading this small band of followers on a stroll through Mantatao.

I was struck by the cheerfulness that these children held from the simplest of pleasures – whether that be the smile of a stranger or in the case of one boy – the joy in dragging a miniature model of a fishing boat along the ground. No electronic games, bicycles or other sophisticated toys are found here, yet the delight of these children demonstrates that one needs not to surround themselves with the latest gadgets or toys to be happy.”

The potential more “wet” part of your Island Hopping tour will be at Dumog Sandbar, a small sandbar which is only a small part of a very long uplift from the sea. A large table coral formation and a nearby gentle drop off will be visited off the sandbar if you’re up to some swimming and snorkeling and on the way back you will stop at a beautiful snorkeling spot at Pangangan Island.

You will have your lunch (when we ca be there at low tide) at Dumog Sandbar. When nature times low tide completely wrong you will have lunch on the boat.

Around 4pm you will arrive back at the resort.

Duration: 5-6 hours
Prices: PhP 4,250/boat
Rent of mask/snorkel: Php150/person/day

Lunch is not included and would have to be ordered / paid separately

island hopping