Our website is finally translated in the French language and to celebrate this we have 2 French “Classic” dishes on our Specials Menu.

Blanquette de Porc

Translated this is pork meat in a white (wine) sauce.

As you might know, the owner of Isla Hayahay Beach Resort & Restaurant is from France and through him we managed to get our hands on an old family recipe. Of course, before we offered it to you as a Special, we had to try it and it is

D E L I C I O U S !!

Blanquette de Porc is Pork shoulder, slowly cooked in a broth made of white wine and herbs where the broth is used to make the sauce. This mouthwatering dish is served with buttered Fettuccine and goes very well with a cool glass of Chardonnay.



Everybody know this French Classic.

A quiche is one of the most featured foods in cookbooks and restaurant menus around the world. It is a hearty, rich dish that can be made in many different ways. Our Quiche is made with real cheese, Cooked Ham and Spring Onions.

Quiche is great for lunch or as a snack but also makes a great dinner with some potato wedges.